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Superhero Capes

superhero cape

I have been making Superhero capes for over 9 years now.  I feel like the old lady in the superhero bussiness.  From the day I started and will always creat the best quality capes to make your family smile.  We love a chalenge of a fun design.  BabyPop Superhero Cusom capes are made in 7-10 bussiness day but we can always accomdate rushes if we know!  

We offer standard  Custom capes with your choice of a Letter wit a Logo of Sheild, Lightenbolt, Crown,Circle, Heart or Star for $17.  More complex logos like Butterflies, dump trucks, sharks, birthday cupcakes cost more.  We also offer blank capes and discount for parties.  We also have superhero masks, tees, gloves and capes for Mom, Dad, Kids, Babys and Pets.

girl superhero cape

I have been selling on etsy since 2006 just about when etsy was born.  I have close to 5000 people who have noting to say but postive experaince with BabyPop Top quality Custom Capes.   I know I can charge more but as a mom I think having a gift under $20 for a birthday is the Right price.  I will not try market gimicks like my price is $29 and always sell them for 19.99,  because I think authencity and intergrey is what a superhero shound have.

Come and check us out BabyPop  Saving One Back Yard at a Time!

The Last Day to order for Christmas 2017 delivery is DEC 10, 2017- Any order placed after that date will ship after 1/2018


superhero mask

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Cowboy Superhero Kids Capes

superhero kids capes

Cowboy Superhero kids capes:   Superhero kids cape fit for a Cowboy.  I love this superhero cape. It was a special request by one of my clients over in my etsy store. or just ask here,  She wanted a special cape for her son who was all about the west and a western theme.  The called him "Super Cowboy".
Because what boys does not want to be a cowboy superhero. Ride up on his horse to save the day!

cowboy boot capeThis cape is avalible in any color combo you can think of, just ask if you can dream it you can get it.

So check out all our capes for your children today.

Babypop Superhero capes are made by moms for kids right in the good old USA.  Our superhero capes are made of the best quality fabric.  The felt we use in our logos is environmentally friendly made from recycled soda bottles.  we love making capes that make kids simile.

We love what we do,   Knowing we are Saving One Backyard at a Time!

boot cape

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Happy Mothers Day

mothers day,supermom

Today is Mothers day and there are many moms that deserve a breack today on their special day,  to celebrate everything that is mom.

So remebr give her a hug and a kiss and wish her a

Happy Mothers Day!

Tell your mom she is a superhero with a BabyPop Cape

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Superhero Capes make great gifts

Kids Superhero  Capes great gift for kids.  Nothing makes a child dream more then saying they can be and do what every they want. Let your child be the superhero they want to be wearing a superhero cape. We love making kids to superheroes, each kid is their own superhero.  Babypop capes are washable and allow your kids to imagine and dream.

kids capes,superhero capes,superhero birthday,

These girls are loving running through a sprinkler with their capes as the water chases them.  The are saving the backyard from all that lurks.  Superhero capes give them the powers they already have.  Babypop capes ship in 7-10 business day and are complete customizable.  So what is your childs favorite superhero?  Make them be there own.

These capes are great for play, family photos,and parties.  We also make them for the entire family.

So be sure to stop by our store and let me make your kids into their own superheros.

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A view of my Superhero Summer

coffee cup, superhero mask and a pool

This is a view of my superhero summer. Sitting by the pool with swim team and making superhero in the afternoon.

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