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Superheros Costumes for Super Hope!

superhero,kid superhero,kids cape,

I wanted to introduce you to the Newest BabyPop Superhero! A super Kid in her Super Cape.

"Her name is Hope and she loves super heroes. She saw the super girl costume in a popular magazine and I thought it looked cheap and not her style. I was going to get it then,  I saw BabyPop superhero costume feature on Thred Up. I loved your idea and shared it with Hope.

She was thrilled! She sat down at the computer with me and chose every detail for her kids cape. She decided the lighting bolt because it reminded her of fireworks and she ♥'s fireworks. Thus, the creation of "Super Hope" We were so anxious for the package to arrive! I was beyond pleased when we opened it. Hope loved it so much! I knew it was going to be the perfect superhero costume for her, even beyond Halloween. Thank you so much!"

Writen by Hopes Mom!  who is super lady herself!


If you would like to see your Kids Featured in their BabyPop Kids Cape. Just email us at Feedback @ babypop. com


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Wordless Wednesday

superhero,kid superhero,kids cape,

superhero consult


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Top 10 reasons to consider English Bull Dog or not

english bull dog,bulldog,distruction

These are the top 10 things I wish someone told me prior to getting a English bull dog. So about a year a dog Christmas we adopted a dog. To our misfortune.. he is a overpaid for to the tune of $2500 for this English bull dog, thank god we did not pay that. Now let me tell you about the difference between a English and old English bull dog they are different. All bull dogs come from the English variety according to some tv show I watched about the genealogy of dogs. The English bull dog was there case in point of what can happen when a dog is over engineered …lets face it they are a genetic nightmare. The English is short and squat with a really pushed in nose. The Old English was breed to avoid the issues the English has so they are taller with a longer nose. Of course mine is the English… My Irish friend calls him a British bull dog … well quite frankly I like that name way better.

Let me tell you the 10 ten reason you will love to hate your English Bull dog:

1- The snore! I don’t mean at night when they sleep like a pug.. all the time, non stop, you will be blasting your TV to hear it..
2- He makes noses all the time not only snoring but gross slurping sounds , or garbling sounds, cleaning your nose sounds..along with tons of other talking whining sounds
3- They are Neurotic. I use to think it was just ours… no everyone I talk to says that their roll pollie dog is the same
4- My dog Grundy is a Cinderblock with teeth- 60 lb of raw muscle with alot of teeth.. but it is playful dog until he gets you by accident during play time.
5- Some like mine you have to clean there butt. I am using more baby wipes now than when my kids were babies.
6- Food always hungry- I am convinced he will eat himself to death if given the chance he once age 6lb of cat food.. not a pretty sight.
7- They have explode a butt. When over fed they can’t handle it because they are a small dog that is solid muscle and they poop every where. Mine only eats a cup morning and night. You have been warned.. No matter how much he asks do not over feed.
8- They whine more than a 8 year old girl. He whines at me if he wants on my lap or go out or just to be a pain
9- They will destroy a toy in less than 5 minutes.. all that muscle energy has to go some where .. Mine does not chew in the house but the kids toys in the backyard were all fair game. I say were because now we have none
10- They are not a protector, in less you can fit through my mail slot.

bulldog english,distruction

english buldog distruction,bulldog

So what are your dog stories?


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Happy Halloween Superhero Style

Have a Superhero Halloween  from the BabyPop Family  to Yours.

superhero,superhero family,trick or treat

Please be safe and watch for the kids.


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8 reasons to spend Lovely Day at Linvilla Orchards

My family and I spent a lovely day at Linvilla Orchards In media Pa. I love fall and every year we try to make a trek over to Media Pa to Linvilla orchards. We always have a wonderful time. I always take too many pictures and embarrass my family (my husband walks away when I go in picture mode)

This year was no different. We arrived late on Saturday after noon around 4:00 enough time to pick some apples and get some great shots. Homemade apple sauce here I come.

  1. Apples apple picking,apple,apples
  2. What kid does not love pulling apple cart wagon. The Babypop clan loves picking some apples but little babypop  insisted on pulling the wagon. After filling up our box with Romes, Pink Lady’s and Granny’s. apple cart,apple picking,apples:pulling an apple cart   We headed over to Pumpkinland which is my favorite Because I love all the great pumpkins you can find. (For me I love taking pictures of the kids with the back ground of pumpkins.)
  3. Great shots of the kids again pumpkins kids with pumpkins,fall picture of kids
  4. Unique Pumpkins Mr BabyPop loves the texture  unusal pumpkins,unique pumpkins unusal pumpkins,unique pumpkins
  5. White Pumpkins: Oldest BabyPop's favorite lately is the white ones.white pumpkins,albino pumpkins
  6. Linvilla is a great place because of how much there is to do it is defiantly a place you want to come and spend the day. Normally I like to go during the Johnny Apples Seed weekend in Sept. because they have a craft show. Every weekend they have a small petting zoo and a playground that is a treat for any kid. Plus the hay rides which head to the witches house, where you can roast marshmallows at the end of your journey.
  7. Linvilla also has a gourmet and local grown market which is fun to walk through - The Hot Sauce Selection is amazing (but that is a seprate post), Plus Full snack area which also inclues funnel cake toped with apples, or chocalate. Yummy
  8. The best reason is the face on the kid once they find the perfect pumpkin! boy with pumpkin,kid with pumpkin

Check out the Linvilla schedule I think we will be heading over to Linvilla Media PA for nectarine season. ( Which is the offical fruit of the  BabyPop Family… as I was just informed by my son.)

Do you go apple or pumpkin  picking?  What do you love the most about it?   The big question ...what do you make when you get home with the apples?


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