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Wordless Wednesday

pumpkin,carved pumpkin

pumpkin carving, pumpkin


pumpkin carving,pumpkin,tony curtis

Disclamer:  No I did not do these pumpkins they were pictures I took while attanding the Highland Pumpkin carving event.  One night only they put out 100+ pupmkins.


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Superheros Costumes for Combat Pilots

Superheros come in all sizes and ages.  I recently has a request to make a adult superhero costume for a customer for an amazing friend of hers.

adult superhero cape,superhero costume,senior superheros

This is what she told me about  Rob… The gentleman is my buddy Rob, who I gave the cape to as a gift. Rob is a lot of things, including a retired combat helicopter pilot and a West Point graduate and an avid scuba diver. These were taken down on the island of Bonaire prior to one of his dives. He was thrilled with the cape and we can't hardly get him out of it.  

Written by EC Miller

super hero costume,custom superhero cape,

I love these pictures and I love EC story of Rob.

Do you have Superhero in you life to suprise,  why are they special?


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9 Carved Pumpkins

pumpkin carving,pumpkin top,
Time to carve the pumpkins. Ever year I host a pumpkin carving party for the My Kids Mom Group the Abington Presbyterian Church.     So all the moms come to my home to enjoy a evening of friends and carving away from the kids.   Most of the mom’s say the carving without the kids is great because they can do what they want.  Also it is great to get together in a group without the family because no one is asking “Are you done yet?”. 

I host it every year for 3 reasons 1) I love Halloween 2) I take a break from making superhero costumes. 3) It forces me to take a break 4)I have to clean the house for company.
Fact: Carving Pumpkins makes you happy!
This year was our 4th year and a largest number of pumpkins carved 9  12 people attended.
So here are the 2010 APC My Kids Mom Group Pumpkins
caved pumpkin,pumpkin carving,pumpkin carving party
I did the cat:
caved cat pumpkins,pumpkin carving,cat pumpkin
My friend Kathy says it all!
trick or treat pumpkin,carved pumkin
So stop for a moment from running around with fall stuff and invite some girl friends over and Carve a pumpkins.

What are you carving this Pumpkin season!


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Wordless Wednesday

harvest,fall apples,fall fruit,fall still life

Fall apples

fall gourds,fall harvest,gourds,apple

fall harvest

fall apples,apple,gourds


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10 Reasons to be a Pirate

Being a Pirate is fun so here are some reasons to raise the Jolly Roger and Pillage the villages.
1. Everybody wants to sail the high sea as a Pirate

pirate costume,pirate party,reason to be a pirate
2. Buried treasure
3. You can wear an eye patch and nobody questions it.
4. Bathing is optional  while looking for Pirate Booty

Pirate costume,princess pirate party,pirate play
5. Girls don't always want to be princesses sometime they want to be pirates!
6. You can be a superhero everyday but sometimes it is nice to be a villain

Pirate costume,pirate captian,pirate for halloween
7. Because Jack Sparrow is a great Disney character, maybe Johnny Depp with visit you?
8. If you are the Pirate captain you get to order people a around
9. Excuse to buy a parrot
10. A reason to say "argh"

You can find these capes In the BabyPop online store under superhero costumes just choose Pirate as your optional logo only $22.

and you can be a Pirate too!

When is the last time you played  pirate?


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