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Ring Bearer How to get them down the isle

wedding,kids in weddings,ring bearer ideas

How to get your Ring bearer down the isle at your wedding.   Looking for the perfect gift for the Ring bearers?  A Superhero ring cape might just do the trick to getting those little ones down the isle. I designed this cape for a client after she contacted me on doing something special for the 2 little boys that we going to be in her wedding. We made the capes match the brides maids dresses and the other match the groomsman suits. We also coordinated the superhero tee and gloves.   The tee has a diamond on the front with a letter on top. These boys had such a great time being all dressed up.

ring bearer,children wedding,bridal, ring bearers

We can make this set match your wedding. Let the kids know they can save your wedding day by walking down the isle. 

ring bearers,unique ring bearers,wedding,bridal

childrens in wedding,ring bearer, ring kid

This set is avaiable in my superhero  etsy store or contact me through my website babypop contact page  it take 3-4 weeks to make..

We also have a out other custom letter superhero capes if you don't want the rings.



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Shark Week is comming

shark costume,shark cape,shark boy

Shark week starts on TLC July 31st  are you prepared?  A superhero shark can protect you land loving animals.

Check out our shark superhero capes you can have any color shark you want   Grey, Black or any other... maybe pink?

Check them out in our store.. and Yes we can do any adult.

shark for toddler,shark kid,shark costume

Let me know where was your shark siteing?


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Elise Jones :Supermom Monday Feature


Elise Jones is a super mom.  She is the social media director for BabyBites and she is also blogs at Here in this house which is a design blog.   I met Elsie for the 1st time in 2010.  She is a fun out going berson you can help to want to be around.  Check out here blog Here in this house and also follow here on twitter at @emjnj.   Elise was great to stop by and tell us why here kids are super.
Do you know a super parent be sure to let us know about them at Babypop

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Adventures of SuperBear

superbear,superhero capes for teddys,super bear

So on Babypop Superhero Bear's  latest trip he travels to see the big city in his super cape to hear Gaga preform. 

In what city and where is superbear?  Can you name the basketball team who plays there?

Follow the adventures of superbear on Facebook on BabyPop Designs page.

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Corine Ingrassia :Supermom Monday Feature

I would like to introduce you to Corine Ingrassia from  Corrine is a lifestyle and parent blogger from NJ. She is a mother of 2 wonderful kid. Corrine also run Complicated Media which is a marketing company that works with their clients to grow there online presence. Clients like CBS, Microsoft, sharpie and more.

Her blog is also a journey of motherhood,  she is really and realteable.  I think her video blog on the Joplin Tornados was a great commentary on current tragedy  in the US.  She used her readership to create a awareness in the online community.  What I have really enjoyed about Corine was her calmness and her ability to handle it all in her world.  That makes her a wonderful super mom.

Check out Corrine telling us what makes her kids super! follow her on twitter @complicatedmama


Thanks Corine for telling us what makes your kids Super!

If you have super kids we would love to here it!  leave us a note about your superhero kid.

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