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The Borrowers Premier at The Arden Theater | Blog | Babypop Designs The Borrowers Premier at The Arden Theater - Babypop Designs

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The Borrowers Premier at The Arden Theater

kids at the theater,the arden,the borrower

Early December my children and I were invited to The Arden Theater for the Opening Night at the opening night of Borrowers. We had a great time. The Arden never fails to disappoint, they are a wonderful theater who knows how to cater to a child and also remember the adults that are with them. So a great time for the whole family.
We arrived to be greeted by the amazing Arden staff that informed us about the wonderful evening they had in store for all us. They had snacks or dinner depends how you look of pizza, chicken fingers popcorn. The Arden provided crafts for the kids. Which entertained the kids so It was lovely because I was able to catch up with my lovely friends from PSSM .

clay studio,philadelphia

Shannon PhilaburbanMom Cecilyk form UppercaseWomen Shannon from PremierBaby  Kelly from centsiblelife

uppercase women,shannon ott, shannon cho,kelley whalen

My son also got to threw some pottery from the Clay studio.

Then the play came “The Borrowers” based on a book by the same name. It was awesome for my Son and Daughter. We had great seats not like there is a bad seat in the Arden, every seat is a good one. So no climbing kids during the performance and no one said “I can’t see” Everybody was happy. Also the performance rocked(I am quoting my Son) He did not know the story but want to read the book when we left.
I thought Bi Jean Ngo was perfect at capturing the sprit of a girl "Arrity" want to explore new worlds. Hommily Catharine K. Sluar was great in the role of nervous overbear mom Hommily. Scott Boulware was charming as the kind explorer Pod. As the Boy Delant’e G.Keys was inquisitive and kind to the little borrowers. All the children loved Steve Pacek in the role of Spiller. We saw Steve last year in “Give the Mouse a Cookie” and all children always love is energy and gymnastics movements he adds to the performance.
After the performance the cast takes questions form the audience and I can always count on my son to ask something. His questions was what was the spoon made out of. The actors told him.. He was thrilled. The there is a one on one meet and greet outside in the lobby afterwards.

bi jean ngo,the borrowers,arden theater,philladelphia
My daughter and Uppercasewomens daughter with Bi Jean Ngo as Arrity.

delante g keys,the borrowers,arden theater,philadelphia
My son also got a chance to talk to The Boy (Delant’e G.Keys) about there love of books.
I love The Arden because it feels  so interactive theater. My children feel as thought they are part of the theater process. Every time we go to the Arden my son says Mom I want to do that, so we have put him in theater groups . So as a former High School Actor it makes me happy that my son and daughter are learning a love of the arts. Also the Arden had a wonderful theater program for kids that want to learn about the stage, costuming, and set building.

Also check out future performances of the Arden The Professor and the Flea is coming in May 4-June 12.

They have a
Disclosure: we received this tickets for free. All opinions are my won I was not paid for the opinions in this post.



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